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My passion in programming is spurred on by seeing the shine in people’s eyes playing my games.

Clemens F. Scharfen

Senior Game Programmer
at nDreams

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I am a patient programmer, who refuses to give up on hard problems. My creativity and optimistic attitude entitle me to find proper solutions. It is important for me to constantly educate myself and stay up to date with bleeding edge technology. Self-responsibility, precision and reliability are my key characteristics.

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The purpose of enchanting others nurtures my passion and has always motivated me to work hard and get through tough times. When I was a teen I began developing my interest in programming while creating my first text-based games for the mIRC chat client. I enjoyed watching the players having fun during guessing song artists and throwing virtual snowballs at each other.
Following years of trial and error, I made the best decision in my life by studying computer science and game engineering at the UAS Technikum Wien. I turned programming from my passion into my profession and my curiosity led me to discover other fields of application. For my master’s thesis, I dug into serious games, focusing on playful learning.

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A lot of my interests are in the technical field. Programming in C++ and working on game prototypes with Unity and Unreal Engine enrich my spare time. I like to expand my horizon and learn new things. Currently, I am focussed on my leadership skills. Sharing my knowledge is the icing on the cake. Besides playing games or programming I enjoy my free time with traveling, doing sports and getting to know other cultures.

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In my childhood I started developing my devotion for playing games with my SNES and N64. Over the years I enthusiastically followed new inventions and was blown away when I discovered GTA San Andreas followed by Uncharted. I experienced those games as the leading examples of endless technical possibilities in the gaming world and have been seeking to be part of it.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Work Experience

  • nDreams

    Senior Programmer

    Oct 2022
    Aug 2020

    at nDreams
    in Vienna, Austria (via Remote.com)
    in Farnborough, England, UK

    I currently work on Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, a multiplayer VR game for Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR 2, using Unreal Engine 4 & C++. I was working on Ghostbusters VR on Quest 2 from the very beginning, developing core and gameplay features. Recently I became the Lead Engineer for the PSVR2 port. As a line manager, I am also responsible for leading, reviewing, and supporting other senior programmers and making sure they have everything they need. Furthermore, I was the interim leader of the nDreams' accessibility workgroup, and still being an active member of it, as accessibility and usability are passions of mine.

  • Ars Electronica

    Lead Developer

    (since July 2018)

    Senior Researcher & Developer

    (since May 2016)

    Researcher & Developer

    (since Sepember 2014)

    Jul 2020
    Sep 2014

    at the Ars Electronica Futurelab
    in Linz, Austria

    I was responsible for planning, implementing, testing, and deploying innovative projects for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. My team and I did, what has not been done before, mainly with Unity, C#, and C++. I was working on many applications for the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space 8K, a large interactive VR room, using high-resolution stereo projections on a 16 x 9-meter wall and floor, fitting more than 100 people for educational and entertainment purposes. Apart from this, I was working with many different and unique multimedia setups like various HMDs, touchable display walls and projection surfaces, laser and capacitive sensors, eye-tracking devices, robots, and many more. All projects had a focus on the future of art, technology, and society.

  • Daedalic

    Game Developer


    Jul 2012
    Mar 2012

    at Daedalic Entertainment
    in Hamburg, Germany

    During my internship, I was part of the Blackguards game development team. Blackguards is a tactical role-play game. My tasks ranged from developing game mechanics and artificial intelligence to tools in Unity, C#.

  • Technikum Wien

    Tutor for Various Programming Courses

    Sep 2013
    Sep 2010

    at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
    in Vienna, Austria

    [2012 - 2013] "Advanced Concepts in C++": Teaching advanced features and concepts of programming in C++.
    [2010 - 2012] "Software Engineering": Reviewing students homework and teaching object oriented programming in Java and C#.
    [2010 - 2013] "Fundamentals of Programming": Reviewing students homework and teaching the basic concepts of programming in C.

  • Education

  • Technikum Wien

    Game Engineering and Simulation

    , Master of Science (MSc)

    Sep 2014
    Sep 2012

    at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
    in Vienna, Austria

    In the Game Engineering and Simulation Technology master’s degree program I learned all technical, business, and legal aspects, that are required to develop video games. During my studies, I created multiple mini-games with C++, OpenGL, and various graphic libraries.

  • Technikum Wien

    Computer Science

    , Bachelor of Science (BSc)

    Sep 2012
    Sep 2009

    at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
    in Vienna, Austria

    In the Computer Science bachelor’s degree program, I learned the practical and theoretical principles in all of the important subareas of computer science. I passed my bachelor’s degree with distinction.

Core Skills

(8+ years of experience)

During my time studying and working within the games and creative industry as a developer, I gathered a lot of useful skills.


C++ Programming

I did my first C++ experiments in my spare time when I was at grammar school. When I started studying Computer Science, I realized, that I know nothing about C++. Over my bachelor, I got a good feeling for this language, but when I started my master degrees, I again realized, that I hardly knew anything about C++. Nowadays, I accept, that I do not know anything about it, but I love to work with and learn new things about this wonderful language every day.


My first Unity project was a little Tetris game. It was meant to be the preparation for my internship at Deadalic Entertainment, where I learned a lot about this game engine. During my master degrees I improved my skill which was a huge benefit, when I applied at the Ars Electronica Futurelab. Over the following years, I did not only become very capable of working with Unity, but also became a helpful adviser for all of my colleagues.

Game Development

Game engineering was always a hobby for me. I created my first text-based game when I was a kid. Years later, I enjoyed gathering my first professional experience with game development during working at Deadalic Entertainment. When doing my masters degree in Game engineering, I increased my knowledge about game development in many areas. At the time of writing, I work at nDreams on Virtual Reality Games.

Other Skills

Techniques and tools, I use on a daily or regular basis.


C++, C#, Java, C, Lua,
and many more

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4

A powerful engine that is tough to master. Still learning new things every day.

Network Development

Overheating routers since 2014

Virtual Reality

HMDs (Rift, Quest, Vive) and non head‑mounted (active stereo glasses)

3D Math

Math for 3D development


Speeding up applications to 120 FPS

Version Control

git, P4 and SVN


German (native language),
English (professional working proficiency) and
Italian (basic knowledge)


Strong as individual and incredible in a team

User Experience

Putting the focus on the user and keeping accessibility in mind


Incredibly important

3D Modelling & Animation

Maya, Blender


Technologies and topics, I am interested in. I am learning and using them in my spare time.


I am currently learning how to lead a team within a creative environment.

Rust Programming Language


I am interested in the performance and stability that the Rust programming language provides.

Work Project Highlights

This is a selection of some of my favorite projects I worked on.

Ghostbusters VR

A Meta Quest 2 & PlayStation VR 2 Game


A PlayStation VR Game

The Great Pyramid

A Immersify Project

Rotax MAXDome

The Future of Karting

Future Urban Mobility

A Research Project with TUMCREATE

SAP Data Room

Part of the SAP Data Hub

A Universe Within

The Human Body


A "The Dark Eye" Game

Student Project Highlights

This is a selection of some of my student projects.

Aquatic Space

An Android Serious Game for Children

Pac-Man Nightmare

A Pac-Man Clone created with Unity3D

Barrel Tower

Written in C++ and OpenGL

Contact me

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